'' Petra is a terrific coach...With her pragmatic approach, concentrating on what is working, rather than what isn't, she makes the whole thing an enjoyable and positive experience...Flow Styler coaching empowers you with an arsenal of practical tools to help you get the most from your day and embrace the future with hope. High praise from one of life's cynics."

Rob Young, Screen & Theatre - script writer ( 'Miranda' & 'Ex' )

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'Find & Follow Your Career Flow ©'


I found it a real challenge to find my Flow. I’d been of the belief that work was tiring, boring and all consuming so I did not, at first, question why I was feeling exhausted, stressed and hopeless working as a paralegal and studying at Law School.


What had happened was that I had followed my late father’s dream for me to become a high flying solicitor. When this finally dawned on me and I finally had the courage to leave the legal field (and quit Law School) with it's rat race, exhausting hours and bad habits, I was so disconnected from myself that I did not know what else to do!


I was completely stranded –I’d lost my direction – My Flow. A scary and confusing time. This however took me on an incredible and empowering journey where I realised how powerful and life changing Finding & Following our Flow, that resides inside us, can be.


‘’Knowing ourselves is the single most empowering and powerful example we can pass onto our children.

Allowing them too to be who they are and do what they are passionate and fantastic at!’ The Flow Styler


Who I work with


The FlowStyler Programmes are here to help Women and Lawyers, who:

  • feel stressed, exhausted, underappreciated
  • who dread Monday mornings
  • have lost all passion & motivation in their career
  • don’t know what else to do & want to find their career purpose back
  • Laweyrs who want, are ready and dedicated to make a change
  • willing to put in the work, ready to self-discover and make that transformation into their highest selves and grow into a career that is inspiring and purpose driven.


The programme empowers you to make the transformation into using your authentic strengths, talents and passions – Your authentic Flow - every day in your work and private life and help you to empower yourself to live a happy and successful life.


Can you relate to any of these?

  • Do you want to make a change in your career but are unsure where to start
  • Feel disconnected and overwhelmed
  • Find it hard to make a decisions & take action
  • Feel you lack the confidence you used to have
  • Feel there is more to your career but do not know what else to do
  • Want to feel motivated & energized daily
  • Want to find the time to do the things that are important to you


If you can relate to the above, read on and find out how the programme can help you to Find and Follow your Career Flow!


How it will empower you


The FlowStyler Programmes will help you to :


  • Be crystal clear on what your passions, talents & that ‘what else’ is
  • Gain clarity & confidence
  • Make decisions with ease & embrace transformation
  • Feel motivated, inspired and passionate about what you do again
  • Gain your work/life balance back
  • Have time for the things that are important to You
  • Feel appreciated for the work you do & make a difference
  • Connect with the authentic, passionate & purpose driven You inside.









How you can work with me



The ONE to ONE power Sessions. Taylor made programme for your needs, dreams and circumstances.



WALKING WITH the Flow Styler - a group session with a topic of your choice mid three hour nature walk at different park locations in London.



'How to Find and Follow your Career Flow©'. These are researched best practises that have helped my clients and me to Find what their Career Flow is.


Stop Resisting Start Flowing Book - out soon


If you want to find out more, click here and be the first to know when my 1st book is out.

'Petra’s seminar was really thought provoking and energizing. It went further than I expected. I thought it would repeat other things I’d heard before but I appreciated the totally fresh focus.'

Hermione M. – on the Flow Styler Workshop at the Cabinet Office




Find and Follow your Career Flow©

You can work with me on three different tailor made programmes.

Flow Finder


Flow Follower


Flow Styler



Each programme is tailor made to your needs, dreams and circumstances. Each will look in varying degrees at :

  • helping you disconnect from the rat race and reconnect with yourself.
  • Start to identify what the field might be you want to transfer into could be and start to find out what you truly and authentically want and aspire to – what that ‘what else’ is for you.
  • You will start to reconnect with your inner wisdom and identify the space where you store your wisdom and optimal decision making power.
  • You will start to uncover how to overcome your resistance & self-doubt & limiting beliefs that stop you or hold you back from ‘Finding and Following your Career Flow’ and gain tools to work on them.
  • You will come out of the sessions motivated, inspired and energized with clarity to put the step by step action plans into motion.
  • You will notice you will start to have more time to yourself and your loved ones and feel the connection to yourself clarify.



Are you ready for Your Flow ?


If you think you are ready & eager to make a transformation to empowerment contact me to get your free 15 minute Introductory chat below.


Sign up to your non obligatory Consultation Session and get your 1st action steps towards your authentic transformation for an investment of £65 and a free Gift.



''We all have the need to understand why we are here. When we feel we matter, that we do have something we can do with our Skills and Passions our Life turns around.'' The Flow Styler


Make that first step today : Contact me here and let's chat about what YOU really and truly want !



I highly recomend Petra's work. Working with Petra has been extremely useful to access my full potential as an entrepreuneur and leader. Thanks for the FlowStyler Programme, my business now is a success and I am able to implement all the aspects of our global strategies being extremely precise and effective. I highly recommend the super modern Technics of the Flow Styler Programme to everyone willing to achieve a real life success and become an inspiring leader.'

Felipe Ribeiro, Founder of Spotting / Director at Brasil United


Practising in: South West London & central London. Skype all around the world.

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'' I'm the woman who helps Women & Lawyers to find their Career passion & purpose back ''


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