A truly transformative programme for Women & Lawyers who want to find or reignite their career passion & purpose;

find direction, work/life balance & create a career around their unique potential & passion one easy step at a time.


ABOUT Petra - the FlowStyler


' I'm the woman who empowers Women & Lawyers to find their Career purpose & passion back '


Empowering Women & Lawyers who are 'this close' to quitting their job OR who feel disheartened by the lack of passion & purpose in their lives to' Find & Follow their Career Flow' , find direction, work/life balance & create a career around their unique potential & passion one easy step at a time.

' Petra is an amazing coach. She is motivational, practical and thought provoking. She clearly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. Anyone thinking of a change of career, finding what they are passionate about , or who wants to overcome a challenge should go and see Petra. She helped me change my Life. '

Rachel Mumba, Head of Strategy & Planning, Amnesty International



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I work with women and Lawyers who want, are ready and dedicated to make a change in their career & life and want to live a life in their Flow.


They are willing to put in the work, ready to self-discover and make that transformation into their highest selves and grow into a career that is inspiring and purpose driven.


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I'm a London based Career&Confidence coach , founder of CreativeCarrot-Coaching.com, speaker and writer.

I have worked with Lawyers, directors in the creative field and business, business owners, artists and civil servants among others.


TESTIMONIALS I have presented and provided training at various events from charities to the Cabinet Office. My first book 'Stop Resisting, Start Flowing© will be out soon..Sign up Above.




  • Do you want to make a change in your career but are unsure where to start?
  • Are you ‘this close’ to quitting your job?
  • Have you lost all passion & motivation in your job?
  • Don’t know what else to do & want to find your career purpose back?
  • Feel stressed, exhausted & Dread Monday mornings?
  • Want to find the time to do the things that are important to you?


'' The Flow Styler coaching sessions with Petra have had a fantastic positive impact on my feelings about challenges I am currently facing.

Petra helped me make sense of the tangle of ideas and emotions I was harbouring regarding my career. She provided a calm and flexible framework for exploring these. These sessions helped me create action plans week on week and take the small first steps that make all the difference. I also set longer term goals and identified the core values that make me tick in general. This space to think which Petra provided, helped me take a big decision to accept an exciting job offer. The Flow Styler sessions gave me a place to identify what I wanted and a forum to air my worst case scenarios.' Selina Jones, Director at Scott & Co



I have created the Flow Styler Programme: Find & Follow your Career Flow©'to empower you to find your Career passion & purpose back & Find what that 'what else' could be for you, Follow your Career Flow & enable you to make a transformation with ease and confidence.


You can choose form three Programmes : the Flow Finder, Flow Follower and the Flow Styler programmes which are each tailored and adjusted to your specific goals, needs and challenges enabling for a powerful and successful collaboration.


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''We all have the need to understand why we are here. When we feel we matter, that we do have something we can do with our Skills and Passions our Life turns around.'' The Flow Styler


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Practising in: South West London & central London. Skype all around the world.

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'' I'm the woman who helps Women & Lawyers to find their Career passion & purpose back ''


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