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'My mission is to empower women all around the world to find and follow their Flow, because nothing empowers us more than being able to develop & use

our given talents and passions to the maximum.' TheFlowStyler


From Confusion & Dread to authentic clarity and Flow


That’s just the way it is. Work is boring, tiring and all consuming. Changing your Career? At your age? What about your children? Your mortgage? We could be heading back to recession after the Brexit? It’s too risky!

Doing what exactly? You don't even know what you want to do!


Ouch! How many of us have heard this; well-meaning friends, colleagues, partners and parents, even wider society, giving us guidance and advice on what we 'should' do.

Which is great when the individuals own hopes and dreams are supported. But when in the process our unique inner voice that is piping up inside, telling us what we really want to do, is discarded we can get in all sorts of trouble.


Like I did… I was one of those who discarded their authentic inner voice and went with other’s well-meaning opinions and suggestions. My beloved late father always dreamt of being a lawyer so somehow the dream was passed onto me. But from the word ’go’ I knew things were not right. I watches others learn with hunger and could not relate to their passion. I used my willpower to plough through my Law degree but with hard work and some tears got all the way to Law School and even was promised a potential training contract at a small Law firm. But still there was that nagging voice…telling me this wasn’t right, which I discarded as I could not see what else there was for me.


The longer I worked in the legal field the more stressed and exhausted I became. The long hours, lack of passion (and still using my willpower) started to take its toll. I got into bad habits which further reinforced my alienation and disconnection from my true self, I started to feel hopeless and depressed. Was this it, working life! This wasn’t what I’d signed up for! I felt powerless to make a change as I did not know where to start so I stuck to what I saw as normal.


But it is clear now life, the universe, had other plans for me. I was just not willing to listen. So it decided to make me listen. And so followed the hardest year of my life; My beloved father and grandfather suddenly passed away. Simultaneously I also decided to leave the legal field out of pure exhaustion, despite not having a clue for what else. It felt like the rug had been pulled from beneath my feet.

Completely unprepared and scared to death I dropped out of Law School but continued to work in law firms in London and Helsinki. It took me another few years to really distance myself from the legal field, because the scary part was – I did not know what else I could do. And then there was the self-doubt and the resistance – questions swirled in my head ‘How do I know what I should be?’, ‘What if I choose the wrong new path?‘, ‘What will my dad think ?’ , 'What if I make the wrong decision?’, ‘What if I fail?’, ‘Will I be throwing away years of hard work?’, ‘What will everyone else think.''


The more I analysed the more confused it seemed I became. Without me knowing however the answer was right there – inside of me - it’d been there all along but I’d just refused and been too scared to see it – the truth! My truth - My Flow! So began my ferocious search for who I am and what I am about on my terms.

And what I found was far beyond what I had ever expected.


Today I am a London based Career and Confidence coach, speaker and writer. I have presented at various events from charities to the Cabinet Office. My first book ‘Stop resisiting, Start Flowing’ will be out end of next year.


’Knowing ourselves is the single most empowering and powerful example we can pass onto our children.

Allowing them too to be who they are and do what they are passionate and fantastic at! We all have the need to understand why we are here. When we feel we matter, that we do have something we can do with our skills and passions

our Life turns around.'

You too can rediscover that the power to transform your life does lie within your reach. Knowledge of the self is power and coaching facilitates you do just that - to find your Flow and reach out for a life on your terms!


My other Flow(s) lie in the creative field. I completed my Foundation in Art and Design in 2013 and a year after did a Painting Masterclass with Francis Bowyer, lecturer at the RA (https://www.francisbowyer.com/). I would love to continue my studies in fine art & painting at the Royal Academy and am currently painting at home on big cardboard pieces as my canvas to improve my craft. Women, movement, Marlene Dumas and Francis Bacon are some of my inspirations. Have a look at some of my work here on my creative blogsite:

FlowStyler Coaching with Petra was an extremely positive experience. Petra is a kind, talented and committed coach with great passion for her work. Petra is professional and objective yet empathetic and encouraging... it gave me more awareness about my own thought patterns and the million excuses that prevented me from changing small things in my life.It was also a very healing..to realize, that all answers come from within:Stepping into action is just a matter of becoming aware of one´s own thought patterns first.. Hanna Meiners, Founder of Bridging Cultures




How you can work with me



The ONE to ONE power Sessions. Taylor made programme for your needs, dreams and circumstances.



'How to find and follow your Career Flow'. These are researched best practises that have helped myself and my clients to Find what their Career Flow is.




WALKING WITH the Flow Styler - a group session with a topic of your choice mid three hour nature walk at different park locations in London.



and online courses


An intense one day workshop for Flow Seekers and a three month online course coming May 2018.


Would you like to find out more or book an initial 15 minute Introductory Chat for free to discuss your requirements? Contact me here.


Practising in: South West London & central London. Skype all around the world.

Tel: 07533656219


'' I'm the woman who helps Women & Lawyers to find their Career passion & purpose back ''


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