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A truly transformative programme for professional Women who want to find or reignite their career passion & purpose; find direction, work/life balance & create a career around their unique potential, passion & purpose one easy step at a time.


About Petra - the FlowStyler

'I'm the Nordic Career & Confidence Coach who empowers professional Women to find their Career purpose & passion'

I empower professional Women who are 'this close' to quitting their job OR who feel disheartened by the lack of passion & purpose in their lives to connect to the true selves, create a successful and balanced Career based on their unique passion & purpose - their Career Flow, one easy step at the time.

Nothing empowers us more than being able to develop & use our given talents and passions to the maximum and in the process help to make a change in the world.

' Petra is an amazing coach. She is motivational, practical and thought provoking. She clearly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help them succeed. Anyone thinking of a change of career, finding what they are passionate about , or who wants to overcome a challenge should go and see Petra. She helped me change my Life. '

Rachel Mumba, Head of Strategy & Planning, Amnesty International

Can you relate to any of these? 


  • Do you want to make a change in your career but are unsure where to start?
  • Are you ‘this close’ to quitting your job?
  • Have you lost all passion & motivation in your job?
  • Don’t know what else to do & want to get your career purpose back?
  • Do you feel stressed, exhausted & dread Monday mornings?
  • Want to find the time to do the things that are important to you?

I found it a real challenge to find my Flow. I’d been of the belief that work was tiring, boringand all consuming so I did not, at first, question why I wasn’t feeling energized, happy and inspired working as a paralegal and studying at Law School. This was the dream I had been working towards for the past ten year, so why was I so miserable?

What had happened was that I had followed my late father’s dream for me to become a high flying solicitor. When this finally dawned on me and I finally had the courage to leave the legal field (and quit Law School) with it's rat race, exhausting hours and bad habits, I was so disconnectedfrom myself that I did not know what else to do!

I was completely stranded –I’d lost my direction – My Flow. A scary and confusing time.  This however took me on an incredible and empowering journey where I realised how powerful and life changing Finding & Following our Flow can be.

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I have created theFlowStyler Programme: Find & Follow Your Unique Career Flow©' to empower you to Find your Career passion & purpose & Find what that 'what else' could be for you, Follow your Career Flow & enable you to make a transformation  with ease and confidence.

You can choose from three Programmes: the Platinum, Gold and Silver FlowStyler programmes, which are each tailored and adjusted to your specific goals, needs and challenges leading to a powerful and successful collaboration.

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I work with professional Women who want, are ready and dedicated to make a change in their career & life and want to live a life in their Flow.

They are willing to put in the work, ready to self-discover and make that transformation into their highest selves and find a career that is inspirin, and purpose driven.

Check out my 'Find your Flow' Workshops and meet other inspired, positive and purpose driven women who are on a mission to make a change.

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I'm a Scandinavian born London based Career & Confidence Coach, founder of FlowStyler Coaching,

trainer and speaker. I have eight years of coaching and mentoring experience.

I have worked with lawyers, directors in the creative field and business, business owners, artists and civil servants among others.

I have presented and provided training at various events from charities to the Cabinet Office. I'm currently writing my first book 'Stop Resisting, Start Flowing©'.

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'' The Flow Styler coaching sessions with Petra have had a fantastic positive impact on my feelings about challenges I am currently facing.

Petra helped me make sense of the tangle of ideas and emotions I was harbouring regarding my career. She provided a calm and flexible framework for exploring these. These sessions helped me create action plans week on week and take the small first steps that make all the difference. I also set longer term goals and identified the core values that make me tick in general.  This space to think which Petra provided, helped me take a big decision to accept an exciting job offer. The Flow Styler sessions gave me a place to identify what I wanted and a forum to air my worst case scenarios.' Selina Jones, Director at Scott & Co

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'' I'm the woman who helps professional Women to find their Career passion & purpose ''

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