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How to get your Inspiration & Focus back ?

Ever felt like you are trying to do everything at once without rhyme or reason?  Read this article and get your inspiration and focus back where it matters ..

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How to take responsibility for your own happiness?

In today’s busy and overstimulated world we sometimes forget that the answers do come from within. Trusting in your powers automatically lets you be in charge of your life ...

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The surprising benefits of walking

Research suggests that walking outside in nature has a huge beneficial effects on how we survive the stresses and trials of work, education and relationships (so life in general), it ‘restores’ the brain’s health and makes us more creative, not forgetting the physical benefits it brings with it...

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''How She Found her Career Flow''

Every month I interview inspiring women who have Found & are Following their Flow.

Gwen Ramsay and I meet at the Orleans House Gallery's Staples cafe for our interview. It's been raining so sitting inside the warm cafe is the perfect place to talk about Flow.

I'm looking forward to hearing how Gwen was inspired by her grandma who emigrated to Canada to beacome an artist and art teacher, and how her journey led her to work in museums, including the Royal Academy.

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''How She Found her Career Flow''

When you meet Efe Ezekiel from UShineIShine you know you are in the presence of energy. Efe shines!

Here is a woman who is unapologetically herself and determined to spread the word about being who you are to others.

Efi's mentoring work focuses on young adults who are under ever more pressure from the media, social media and peer pressure to conform instead of be who they are.

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''How She Found her Career Flow''

This month Ann Nkune director of Bloomsbury Beginnings and Parent-Cubator has taken the time to be interviewed.

Ann wizzes in to our Interview with her scooter looking radiant. I’m lucky to have been given a spot in her busy diary...

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Eight tips for what to do when things don’t go to plan

Sometimes despite our best efforts things just don’t work out the way we anticipated and planned them and in these situations it is easy to let the circumstances dictate our mood and behaviour; Revert to catastrophic thinking, self-blame, blaming others and circumstances and just let our fears play havoc. In this state we are not in the best mind-set to make optimal decision.

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Why mindfulness is super cool

Mindfulness is another tool, originating from Buddhist teachings, that can help us manage our minds and find that much needed ‘headspace’ in this busy and over stimulated world. When we are mindful we live in the moment connected with our body and feelings and move away from the sometimes intense depths of the mind, creating the space to balance ourselves.

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What are the secrets of happy people

It is ever more openly spoken about how self-awareness and mind management are one of the top tools to help us succeed and be happy in our life. However, being a happy camper doesn't always come easy to all of us. The good news is, that it is something that can be learned and practised to permanence. We all have some of our past coding holding us back at times but when shed light on and made aware can be decoded and recoded into something more constructive and life affirming.

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Receive my Monthly Vlog and news about my new courses & events straight to your Inbox. And get a FREE worksheet to 'Kick-start my Career Flow in three tips' 

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