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'My mission is to empower women all around the world to follow

their dreams, their intuition & find and follow their Career Flow,

because nothing empowers us more than being able to develop & use

our given talents and passions to the maximum & to be of service to the world.'

Petra Tourunen -TheFlowStyler.com Career Coaching

We support educating Girls & Women around the World.

‘Find & Follow your Career Flow ©’  

Why I do what I do

I’m not a guru, a new age hippy, I haven’t trekked the Sahara on a camel or danced in ashrams of India. I haven’t become a yogi or drank ayahuaska in the rainforests of Nepal to find the meaning of my life.

However I have done my research, inhaled most of Waterston’s self-development section,  healed myself from an unhealthy life-style and relationships, depression and suicide, quit Law School and the goal to become a Solicitor, overcome my fear of public speaking & saying 'no' to that which doesn't take me closer to my true path.

I have made the career  transition from the legal field to the arts, found my unique Career Flow(s), my purpose; become the Artist that I wanted to be, trained as a Personal Performance Coach with the leading Coaching Academy in the UK, done my first Triathlon (in 2022), set up my FlowStyler© Coaching practise & Youtube Channel and been able to help hundreds of people to find & follow their Unique Career Flow(s)with the help of my Career Calling Clarifier Program©'s workshops, presentations and one to one session. I’ve spoken at O2, the Cabinet Office, private and corporate events and now live a healthy, balanced and love filled life according to how I envision my life to go and develop. And all this while living in one place. Because the truth lives within you.

“A totally fresh focus on finding your Passion and Career Flow. Petra’s course was really thought provoking and energizing. It went further than I expected. I thought it would repeat other things I’d heard before, but I appreciated the totally fresh focus.’’ 

Hermione M. – the Cabinet Office 

“A thought-provoking topic, presented with passion & great exercises to start the process. Absolutely would love to find out more.”

James O. - O2 mobile, staff event

An inspiring, eye opening and engaging keynote speech that has made me think about my own situation. Excellent management of the situation with all the distractions.’’ 

Jane T. - St Christopher’s Fellowship – Mum & Me charity event

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Transformation is possible

On my journey to making the difficult transition from the legal field into becoming the artist that I wanted to be I realised I was on my own. There was no government body or legal body to help you transition out of Law. And I had no idea what else I could do. I felt stranded.

My Career Calling Clarifier program© is the product of me not having any idea what else I could do after leaving Law. I found the transition from the legal field into the creative field so painful, isolating and overwhelming yet exciting, empowering and magical, that I swore that I would develop a way to help others to make the transition with more ease and speed.

As my own transformation progressed, I did my research, read hundreds of books, went to countless courses to develop myself and my practise, worked in HR & management, re-trained myself as a Personal Performance Coach (ICF accreditated & insured) with the Coaching Academy, had coaches, and applied the finding to my life. I started to keep a note of what worked and what didn't and developed new ways to overcome any barriers to making this transition with more ease. Magic started happening.

I also started to come across others who struggled to define what they wanted to do with their career and life. Or if they did know they couldn’t seem to find a way to make that transition, as if something was holding them back. I started to question why this was. Where does this resistance come from? Is it internal or external? What can be done about it? Why do some love what they do and why isn't everyone doing it that way? What can we learn from them and our current societal set up? Is it able to foster us become who we need to be?

What I started to read was that our schooling system and the way our societies are set up at present do not foster developing everybody's hidden human potential. This didn’t surprise me and it took away some of the shame that I felt in not having my life as together as some seemed to have it, yet. My solution to this was to do my research, re-qualify, succeed in my transition and set up my FlowStyler.com Coaching practise to enable others to make the transition too, with grace and ease.

Simultaneously I also did courses in drawing, picuture book illustration, writing and finally had a portofolio big enough to apply for my FOUNDATION is Art & Design which I'd wanted to do since sixteen. I was like a kid let loose in a sweet store. I have been painting ever since and currently sell my works at the People Hive in Twickenham, London.

As I developed and grew so did my program and today the Career Calling Clarifier SYSTEM© – has emerged to help you to ‘Find & Follow your Career Flow©, to assist you in your transition, to actualize YOUR true and unique dreams and aspiration, and transform them into your true life’s work, dream career & purpose.

Finding my Career Flow(s) completely transformed my life and the way I see the world and human capacity. It enabled me to create a happy, healthy, purpose driven and successful life - on my terms.

Petra Tourunen

CEO - The FlowStyler.com

Founder of the 

Career Calling Clarifier Program

We support educating Girls & Women around the World.

 I want others to be able to transition to honouring themselves completely in every aspect of their lives. But most of all I don't want others to have to feel like a fish who is trying to climb a tree, which I have felt until I started to hone my unique set of human potentials – my Career Flow and managed to make my transformation into the person I am today.

'If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree

it will live the rest of it’s life thinking it is stupid.'

Albert Einstein

My company supports Plan UK and International that helps to educate Girls and Women, helps them stay in school and not end up as child brides.

I want to be able to help millions of Girls & Women to connect to their true selves, peel away those lawyers of societal expectations and find their Career Flow(s) within them and enable them to live a purpose driven successful life & career in service to this world.

More than ever now the world needs YOU.

When you know why you are here, what cause you want to support and mission you want to be of service(for good)in the doors will open for you!

Nothing empowers us more than being able to use our talents & passion to maximum and utilising this information to be of service to others and the world.

So don't give up on your dream but honour them & pursue them with deep passion and resolve & the universe will make way & be of assistance to you! I'm living proof the boat can be turned & transformation is absolutely possible!

I hope to hear from you soon! x



FlowStyler Coaching with Petra was an extremely positive experience. Petra is a kind, talented and committed coach with great passion for her work. Petra is professional and objective yet empathetic and encouraging... it gave me more awareness about my own thought patterns and the million excuses that prevented me from changing small things in my life.It was also a very healing..to realize, that all answers come from within:Stepping into action is just a matter of becoming aware of one´s own thought patterns first.. Hanna Meiners, Founder of Bridging Cultures